Experienced, friendly treatment for kids and adults

Orthodontist in Toledo, Ohio - Dr. Bruce G. Atkinson

We treat friends, not just patients

At Dr. Atkinson’s office we don’t just treat patients - we treat friends. We always strive to deliver the best orthodontic care possible, and our friendly and caring staff is highly trained in both orthodontic techniques and oral hygiene.

Children love Dr. Atkinson ("Dr. Bruce" as they call him) and feel completely at ease with him. Adults will get the care that is right for their teeth and mouth.

Dr. Atkinson sees every patient at every appointment, and does all placing and removal of braces personally. He will set aside an hour of free consultation time to examine yours or your child’s teeth and give you his professional recommendation.

You will find Dr. Atkinson easy to talk to, and he will answer all your questions thoroughly.

Beautiful Smiles and a Healthy Mouth

Beautiful straight teeth and a healthy bite will ensure confidence and long-term health for the teeth and mouth.

Dr. Atkinson's experience and training, including the rigorous American Board of Orthodontics certification, enables him to see the bigger picture of what is needed to ensure the results you want, and that they are stable and long-lasting.

And as a parent himself, Dr. Atkinson uses an important yardstick in determining the best course of treatment for your child. He asks himself, "Is this what I would recommend or want for my family?"


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