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We treat friends, not just patients

At Dr. Atkinson’s office we don’t just treat patients - we treat friends. We always strive to deliver the best orthodontic care possible, and our friendly and caring staff is highly trained in both orthodontic techniques and oral hygiene to help you achieve a better smile.

Dr. Bruce Atkinson, board certified orthodontist who has specialized in braces for over 34 years!Kids and adults love Dr. Bruce

Children love "Dr. Bruce" and feel completely at ease with him. His easy manner and great communications skills make a visit to the orthodontist fun instead of a tense and uncomfortable experience—and that makes all the difference in the world. Dr. Bruce also enjoys interacting with his adult patients, and makes sure they get the proper treatment for them.  Dr. Bruce understands his adult patient’s concerns, and wants them to achieve a beautiful smile, the kind of smile that helps them get ahead at work and in personal relationships. There's nothing like crooked teeth to turn off business opportunities or the chance at meeting Mr./Ms. Right. Dr. Atkinson is easy to talk to and he will answer all your questions thoroughly.

Dr. Bruce sees each patient personally

Dr. Atkinson sees every patient at every appointment, and does all placing and removal of braces personally. He will set aside an hour of free consultation time to examine yours or your child’s teeth and give you his professional recommendation on how to obtain a better smile.

Beautiful smiles and a healthy mouth

Beautiful straight teeth and a healthy bite will ensure confidence and long-term health for your teeth and mouth, and for the lifetimes of your children. Dr. Atkinson's experience and training, including the rigorous American Board of Orthodontics certification, enables him to see the bigger picture of what is needed to ensure the that you have the better smile you want.

Treated like family...

As a parent himself, Dr. Atkinson uses an important yardstick in determining the best course of treatment for your child. He asks himself, "Is this what I would recommend or want for my family?" In this way, Dr. Bruce knows he is delivering the best care possible.

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